This site illustrates the tools I use to draw conclusions about possible macro economic outcomes. The data, the approach, and the explanations are aimed at crafting risk positions. All are drawn from 35 years of varied experience in financial markets and several quite surprising crises I experienced along the way.


  • Analysis of Specific Macro Trading Opportunities
    • Credit drivers
    • Macro news and the global cycle
    • Politics of decision makers
  • Detail Exploration of Components of Global Balance Sheet Risks
    • Bank Exposures
    • US Corporate Debt Cycle
    • China's Credit Leaks Into Global Markets
  • Working with a Proprietary Data Base
    • Compiled from Official Sources
    • Now up to 500 thousand series and 130 million observations
    • Completely separate from commercial sources
  • Public Speaking
    • Current Conditions in Global Credit
    • Emerging Markets and the Global Cycle
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