The Bread and Butter Game

In this game we get a little more detailed about how a market works than we did in "Mugs and Money". To get there we have to drop both the market maker and the use of money, simplifying down to the bare bones of a barter economy with a single marketplace. There offers are posted by anyone for others to accept, if it suits them.

It is a barter game because you exchange bread for butter, skipping money. I set it up so that your happiness is set to be highest if you have a balanced amount of bread and butter. Too much bread and no butter is not very usefull. To keep it simple we multiply the number of units of bread by the number of units of butter to get a value that measures your happiness. If only reality were that simple!

As a player you start out with a starting mix of bread and butter. Your problem is to seek to improve your "happiness" by getting rid of excess with someone who has a shortage of bread or butter. You signal this by posting an offer. Say you have too much bread: offer to exchange 5 units of bread for 5 units of butter even if 3 units of butter would leave you with the same "happiness". If your offer is taken up, so much the better.

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