Introduction: Auction $100 Game

So now, for our first introductory game. We will be logging into a web page and server that I have arranged. Each memeber of the class logs in and reacts to the choices given for the situation described. My server program registers the results and resolves the game according to its rules. We stop and consider what we just did and what that teaches us about how self-interested people interact in communal activity.

First of all, find my page on the web at "bash-economics/games/". As far as I know, the preceeding "http://www." is no longer needed. From "games", which gives you a table of contents for the course, navigate to "Auction $100" and hit "Get Started!" This will require a Sign-in where you give yourself a password of more than 8 characters. Now you will be logging in, and you can navigate back again to "Get Started!".

Once you have reached the bidding page you will see that you are identified by the program. Earlier bids for $100 are shown to give you an idea of market conditions. You can enter your own new bid further down the page, clicking on "Make a Bid" once you enter the price you want. Notice the bid list changes with your contribution. You can bid again if you want, but you cannot take back a bid once made. If you are not bidding but want to see what the others are doing, hit refresh to update the bidding list. After a fixed time we stop and find the winner.

Make a Bid